Bike Maintanance Tips

Instructions for motorcycle maintenance:

Avoid riding motorcycle with holding half clutch
Avoid using full accelerator for a long time
When engine is cool, start the engine by chocking and kick start instead of using self-start.
Check battery at least once in a month.
Always check all the electrical circuits, systems and switches
Clean air cleaner regularly according to road conditions.
Always use right grade engine oil (API SG, SAE 20W-40 or SAE 20W-50)
Always use 90 grade gear oil and clean drive chain once in a week.
Always keep right tyre pressure (2 atm in front tyre and 2.5 atm in rear tyre)
Check whether the headlight beam is adjusted or not.
Always use genuine spare parts and take care of your two wheeler vehicle according to company manual.

Instructions for safety driving:

Always wear helmet before riding
Follow the rules and regulations of riding two wheeler vehicle
Maintain proper speed while riding
Maintain low speed while riding on improper road conditions
Never ride while overloaded