Sales & Marketing Department

Overall sales activities are run by two departments one is Direct Sales and other is Dealer Sales. The department runs under the very able guidance of Lt Col Shahid Ahmed (Retd.) Director, Sales, whose service background and experience of man management has been a key factor for the success of the department. The details of these departments are as follows:

A. Dealer Sales Department:

Dealer sales department plays a key role to sale as well as boost up the sales volume through dealer network for achieving the sales target of Runner Motors Ltd.

This department arranges effective training program regarding the products for the dealers and dealers staff and organizes vehicles fair almost throughout the country so that the customers can be pursued. To survive in the market it is necessary to collect information regarding the competitors, markets and potential customers and analysis the data for taking marketing decisions

B. Direct Sales Department:

Direct sales department operates their activities through random visit to different institutions especially in Dhaka city and near around Dhaka district like Gazipur, Narayangonj. This Department collects information of the potential customers/institutions and visits them accordingly to pursue to be an actual buyer. They follow up the existing customers attitude regarding our products and justify satisfaction level. This department also attains the customer who comes directly to our corporate office and the showroom which is located at Gazipura, Tangi.

Sales Administration

To achieve the overall sales target of Runner Motors Ltd., Sales Admin Department acts as a supportive role to others department of RML. This department is always ready to ensure the smooth and prompt delivery of the vehicles to the customers. This department has already gained the customer satisfaction as well as confidence through accomplishing the tasks like registration, insurance, fitness certificate and documentation. This department also maintains stock of the vehicles.

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